About Us: Why we do what we do.

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Ark Wellness Hub Uganda is a registered organization that started in 2019 due to the unimaginable levels of stigma, discrimination, and the many forms of marginalization subjected to minority persons in public health facilities. Our intervention inspired us to start a safe space where people like us feel safe, have freedom of expression to seek health and wellness services.

A space that health workers like us could offer competent and culturally appropriate services, weekdays and weekends, till late evening past traditional working hours. The many barriers to healthcare for sexual minority groups range from structural, behavioral to biomedical. Our existence is to be able to address these by providing quality and informed medical care for our community, provide culturally appropriate counseling to change poor behaviors that expose us to health disparities and working with amazing partners like you and many others to advocate for better and inclusive policies for us.

We envisioned a space where qualified service providers could come in and extend their support to us, a space where gender identity and expression were acknowledged and celebrated, an Ark, for everyone. We were born out of a need to start a movement, lead, design, and implement medical and behavioral interventions, be accountable to the community and everyone who believes in our work.

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The Gaps we Saw

  • 13.7% of MSM in Uganda live with HIV - according to the Crane Survey 2012/13.
  • Very low uptake of Prevention services like PrEP within minority groups.
  • High STI prevalence rates with no robust and comprehensive approach.
  • Stigma and discrimination experienced in public health facilities leading to delay and refusal by our community to seek services.
  • The lack of competent and culturally appropriate services leading to inaccurate diagnosis and counseling.
  • The lack of community leadership in health programs that benefit our community.
  • The lack of access to health services past working hours and weekends.
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Quality Care for minority groups

At Ark Wellness Hub, we recognize the healthcare disparities faced by many in minority communities. No one should have to endure discrimination or educate their healthcare provider to receive the necessary medical support.

In our culture of diversity, respect, and inclusion, AWH offers a safe environment where patients, families, and visitors can expect inclusive care from a welcoming health system at our clinic. We foster this culture of caring by:

  • Requiring all staff members to complete programming and service delivery training
  • Ensuring our team of Care providers values confidentiality and respects privacy
  • Providing friendly information in waiting areas
  • Offering reading materials and health information that reflect our patients' realities
  • Offering gender-neutral services
  • Encouraging freedom of expression
  • Assuring patients that they are welcome and will receive respectful care

In addition to addressing the needs of individuals in community health programs, there's a crucial need for culturally competent medical care and prevention services tailored to our population. Social inequalities are often linked to poorer health outcomes, and sexual orientation can pose various health risks.

For our minority group patients, from adolescents to seasoned adults, we offer primary and preventative care services at our Clinic. These services include:

  • Regular check-ups, immunizations, and screenings
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common medical problems
  • Hepatitis A and B testing and vaccination referrals
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) assessments
  • Sexually transmitted infection testing, diagnosis, and treatment
  • HIV prevention (PrEP and PEP), testing, and treatment